Sample Jobs

double hex sky view

Two Hexagons joined together

30 Frame with Cobalt Linens

30 Frame Tent with Cobalt Linens- Peter’s Twp

20x60 Frame

20×60 Frame Tent

Neon 1

Neon Linens with 5ft round tables and Wedding Chairs- Elizabeth Pa

20x60 Frame

20×60 Frame Tent- Pittsburgh PA

20×40 Frame Tent with 2- 20×60 Frame Tents

20×20 Frame Tent with Round tables and white chairs- Elizabeth PA

Hexagon with round tables, wedding chairs, and assorted linens- Cannonsburg PA

Hexagon with attached 20 Frame, round tables, wedding chairs, linens, and obstacle course.

Hex with attached 20 Frame, notice the chiller tables- North Huntingdon PA

Hexagon, 2- 20 Frame Tents round tables, linens, and grey chairs- Washington PA

VIP chairs, camel linens, and 6ft banquet tables.- Jefferson Hills PA


20×30 Frame Tent on Concrete

VIP Chairs for a Wedding Ceremony- Pleasant Hills PA

40 Pole Tent- Vanetia Pa

2- 40 Pole Tents

Gold Chivari Chair with Blush Glimmer linen

Gold Chiavari Chair with Blush Glimmer linen

Chivari Gold Chair with Blush Glimmer Linen

Chiavari Gold Chair with Blush Glimmer Linen